Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat & Westmeston

Sunday Services 26 February

The Sunday next before Lent

  • 09:45 Holy Communion and Junior Church, Ditchling
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Young People & Children

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Annual Accounts - Summary Report (Accounts for 2015)

Annual Accounts - Summary Report (Accounts for 2015)

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In February we remember:

  • 2nd James Allen
  • 3rd Terence Covington
  • 4th Martin Smith
  • 9th Philip Petherbridge
  • 12th Marion Waddell
  • 15th Joan Comber
  • 16th Roderick Webb
  • 16th Joyce Audrey Tolhurst
  • 17th Alfred Crofton
  • 17th Sylvia Stevens
  • 19th Braunda Pickup
  • 21st Roy William Edwards
  • 22nd Peggy Jean Spacek
  • 24th Edward Armitage
  • 28th Joyce Sochon
  • 28th Alice Pamela Kehoe
  • 29th Pamela Lane Owen
  • 29th Rhoda Susanna Reid