Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat & Westmeston

Fr David


Dear Friends, Every Christmas the church sends a Christmas card to each home in the parish. The cards have been designed by children from St Margaret’s School.

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Sunday Services 2 November

All Saints Sunday

  • 08:00 BCP Holy Communion, Ditchling
  • 09:45 Holy Communion & Junior Church, Ditchling
  • 09:45 Holy Communion, Westmeston
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Beacon Parish churches and Fr David


Bonfires, roast chestnuts and marshmallo

Young People & Children

It is time for bonfires, roast chestnuts and marshmallows on sticks! How exciting! As well as being a time for me to say so long or, as Father David so brilliantly taught St..

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The Beacon November 2014

The Beacon
November 2014

is available to download

This week we remember:

  • 28th Don Brittain
  • 29th Dorothy Hurst
  • 29th Eric Barron Heine
  • 29th Beryl Mott
  • 30th Lil Matthews

Today we pray for:

  • Jos (Nigeria)
  • Uckfield
  • South Chailey