Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat & Westmeston

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Sunday Services 24 July

The Ninth Sunday after Trinity

  • 09:45 Holy Communion and Junior Church, Ditchling
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Beacon Parish churches and Fr David


Young People & Children

We are continuing to grow our Little Beacons via Junior Church. Come along with your children and do craft and all sorts of fun things!

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Annual Accounts - Summary Report (Accounts for 2015)

Annual Accounts - Summary Report (Accounts for 2015)

is available to download

In July we remember:

  • 2nd Keith Court
  • 4th Charles Tingley
  • 5th Muriel Isobel Clewett
  • 15th Derek Thompson
  • 17th Marjorie Fulton
  • 21st Belinda Brittain
  • 22nd Robert (Bobby) Amor
  • 25th Malcolm Bennett
  • 27th Lynne Sewell
  • 28th Richard Fawcett
  • 28th Arthur William Paine

Prayer for the Fortnight

Strengthen us, O God, to relieve oppressed, to hear the groans of poor prisoners, and to reform the abuses of all professions; that many..