About the Beacon Churches


There are three churches in the Beacon Parish, St Margaret's, Ditchling; St Martin's, Westmeston and Streat Church. The three churches became one Parish in October 2007.  The Beacon Parish is in the Deanery of Hurst, the Archdeaconry of Horsham and the Diocese of Chichester.

All three churches are normally open every day of the year from about 9am to 5pm.

The Church of St Margaret of Antioch (West Street, Ditchling, BN6 8TS) is the centrepiece of the ancient and historic village of Ditchling on the borders of East and West Sussex. The present building dates from the late 12th century, sited on the sandy knoll overlooking the village. It is built on top of the earlier Saxon church referred to in the Domesday Book. Remains of the Saxon church are to be found in the lower walls of the nave. (more..)

Streat Church (Streat Lane, Streat, BN6 8RU) stands on the greensand ridge just south of the nearby Roman road and was, in its original form, begun soon after the compilation of the Domesday Book, to replace two Saxon churches, and almost certainly on the site of one of them. (more..)

The nave of St Martin's church (Westmeston, BN6 8RH) has been here since Norman times, and has been much added to over the centuries. The walls of the nave are originally Norman and so is the doorway on the north wall. (more..)

West Street, Ditchling, BN6 8TS