The Beacon Parish Magazines - 2007

The Beacon magazine was issued monthly as a printed booklet but was discontinued at the end of 2015. Earlier monthly issues of The Beacon are available as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files and these are listed below. Click on the relevant issue for the PDF file. You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat available from www.acrobat.com.  To see copies of The Beacon for earlier years, click on that year below.

  • December 2007

    The Beacon December 2007
    (File size: 714kB)
  • November 2007

    The Beacon November 2007
    (File size: 737kB)
  • October 2007

    The Beacon October 2007
    (File size: 783kB)
  • September 2007

    The Beacon September 2007
    (File size: 889kB)
  • August 2007

    The Beacon August 2007
    (File size: 529kB)
  • July 2007

    The Beacon July 2007
    (File size: 500kB)
  • The Beacon, June 2007
    (File size: 656kB)
  • May 2007

    The Beacon May 2007
  • April 2007

    The Beacon April 2007
    (File size: 488kB)
  • The Beacon, March 2007
    (File size: 844kB)
  • The Beacon, February 2007
    (File size: 1,300kB)
  • The Beacon, January 2007
    (File size: 1,606kB)