Beacon Parish Sub-Committees


The Beacon Parish has a Parochial Church Council (PCC) and several sub-committees.  Pleae click on any sub-committee below to view more details.

Beacon Parish Finance Sub-Committee

The Finance Committee is chaired by Mark Moody-Stuart.

Beacon Parish Youth Sub-Committee

Our aim is to encourage the spiritual and religious development of the young people of our parish. At present this is being achieved through Children's Church, Family and All Age Church Services, Youth Group and other initiatives such as ad hoc outings or visits. The Committee is currently working on a programme that will ensure opportunities for young people to come together to learn and worship every Sunday, whether in Church or in a Junior Church or Sunday School style.

Beacon Parish Fabric Sub-Committee

The Fabric Committee's basic responsibility is to ensure that all three churches are maintained in a sound physical state. We meet bi-monthly, and are lucky that our members have, between them, many years experience in the construction industry, project management etc. We ensure that a Quinquennial inspection is carried out by the Architect on each church every five years. We assess the report he produces, and draw up an action plan for what we agree are our priority items. We then get approval from the Parochial Church Council before proceeding.

We are in regular touch with the Friends of St Margaret's to understand their views, and to ascertain the degree of financial support they are able to provide.

When work is undertaken, we liaise with our Architect, and with the Diocesan Advisory Committee at Chichester, to ensure that the correct authorisation is obtained, and that professional standards of workmanship are being specified.

Once the work starts we keep a very careful eye on proceedings to ensure that all is going well, and that the job is properly completed. We also ensure that inspections to roofs and gutters are carried out at least twice a year, and we respond to any other building maintenance requirement as and when it arises.

Recent achievements of the Fabric Sub-Committee

Over the last year we have:

  • overseen the re-shingling of St Margaret's spire, which was funded by the Friends of St Margaret's.
  • repaired the tiles on the floor of the altar of St Margaret's.
  • organised structural repairs to the Chancel roof of Streat Church, which was gradually sliding off. This was funded from bequests that have been made over the years, and held in trust.
  • overseen the re-plastering of the west wall of St Martin's, Westmeston.

Looking forward, our main objective is to carry out maintenance work on the outside of St Margaret's to prevent the ingress of water.

Next year, once this work has been completed, we will address the redecoration of the inside.

There are no major projects planned for Streat or Westmeston at the moment.

Mike Sewell

Beacon Parish Churchyard Sub-Committee

This Committee is responsible for overseeing the care and management of the churchyards at Ditchling, Westmeston and Streat.

Our remit is to ensure that the churchyards be kept as tidy, attractive and peaceful places for the benefit of visitors, parishioners and members of the local community.

As a Sub-Committee we are responsible for advising the PCC on the appointment of contractors for mowing and other maintenance work and for seeking planning permission where appropriate. We report regularly to the PCC and any expenditure has to be approved by the PCC. An annual grant from the Turner Dumbrell-Foundation has in recent years funded churchyard maintenance for which we are very grateful.

We organise, and are very grateful to, volunteers who contribute to regular ongoing maintenance. Tree work at Westmeston, as recommended by the Lewes District Council Tree Officer, was carried out in February and new beech and hawthorn hedge was planted. We have also planted more than 1,000 snowdrop bulbs. New contractors have been appointed to mow the churchyard at Ditchling.

Janet Cragg

Beacon Parish Events Sub-Committee