Glossary of terms

This section lists some common words and terms used in the Church of England. Cclick on the first letter of the word and a list of words beginning with that letter will appear. Click on more.. for that word for an explanation.  This will open a separate window with the description and, in some cases, an image.


Baptism marks the beginning of a journey with God which continues for the rest of our lives, the first step in response to God’s love. For all involved, particularly the candidates but also parents, godparents and sponsors, it is a joyful moment when we rejoice in what God has done for us in Christ, making serious promises and declaring the faith.

Bishop, Diocesan

The Diocesan Bishop is in charge of the diocese - in our case he is Bishop Martin Warner the 103rd Bishop of Chichester. There are 43 dioceses in England.

Bishop, Suffragan

The Suffragen Bishop acts on behalf of the Diocesan bishop and with his authority; he will usually be in charge of one part of the diocese.

In our diocese we have two Suffragan Bishops: 

  • Bishop of Horsham - Mark Sowerby
  • Bishop of Lewes - until recently Wallace Benn, but has not been replaced yet.