Find a Grave in St Margaret's Churchyard

Graves in St Margaret's churchyard can be located by searching using the search box below.  Just enter the surname or the first few letters of the required surname and a list of graves should appear that match the name entered. When the required name is displayed in the list click on that name and some text and two buttons will appear:

  1. click on the View grave to see a popup window with information on locating the grave and the inscription. 
  2. click on View row to view all graves in that row.

The churchyard is divided into sections, each section into rows to facilitate locating a particular grave. The information used was created by the Ditchling History Project and includes inscriptions for each grave, where readable, plus information from the book Monumental Inscriptions of Ditchling Churchyard compiled in 1877 by Frederick William Town Attree.  Please see their website for more details on the work of the Ditchling History Project.