In Memoriam for January

Below is a list of names from the Book of Remembrance in St Margaret's Church for the month specified. Please click  on any month to see names for that month. If you would like to include a name in  this list and the memorial book within St Margaret's Church, please contact the Parish Office.

  • 5th
    Betty Way
  • 6th
    George Jerrey
  • 7th
    Ernest Eli Dean
  • 7th
    Douglas James Sharpless
  • 9th
    Michael Abbott
  • 10th
    Bert Linfield
  • 11th
    Enid Davies
  • 13th
    Bernard Arthur Mason
  • 14th
    Anne Hillwood
  • 15th
    John Broomfield
  • 17th
    Geoffrey Gilling-Smith
  • 19th
    Paddy Nolan
  • 26th
    Digby Thompson
  • 26th
    Brian Mott
  • 29th
    Lois Greene
  • 30th
    Angela Craven