In Memoriam for February

Below is a list of names from the Book of Remembrance in St Margaret's Church for the month specified. Please click  on any month to see names for that month. If you would like to include a name in  this list and the memorial book within St Margaret's Church, please contact the Parish Office.

  • 2nd
    James Allen
  • 3rd
    Terence Covington
  • 4th
    Martin Smith
  • 9th
    Philip Petherbridge
  • 12th
    Marion Waddell
  • 15th
    Joan Comber
  • 16th
    Roderick Webb
  • 16th
    Joyce Audrey Tolhurst
  • 17th
    Alfred Crofton
  • 17th
    Sylvia Stevens
  • 19th
    Braunda Pickup
  • 21st
    Roy William Edwards
  • 22nd
    Peggy Jean Spacek
  • 24th
    Edward Armitage
  • 28th
    Joyce Sochon
  • 28th
    Alice Pamela Kehoe
  • 29th
    Pamela Lane Owen
  • 29th
    Rhoda Susanna Reid