Wedding Fees for 2017

Wedding fees for the year selected are summarised below and show how much is payable to the Diocese of Chichester and how much to the Beacon Parishes.  Please note that the fees payable will be for the year in which the wedding takes place, not necessarily when the wedding is booked or the fees paid.

This is the maximum that your wedding will cost, unless you require a certificate of banns at £13 or a copy of your marriage certificate at £10. Of course if you don’t want the bells, or you are having a blessing and (in that case you will not need the banns read) it will be less.

I usually ring the couple before an invoice is raised to confirm exactly what they require. An invoice will be sent to you before your wedding. You can pay either by bank transfer or cheque, when the payment has been received a receipt will be sent to you.

Sue Sewell

Description £ (diocese) £ (parish) £ (total)
Publication of banns 0 28 28
Banns certificate (optional) 0 13 13
Marriage service 193.00 231.00 424
Marriage certificate 0 4 4
Verger 0 50 50
Organist 0 70 70
Bells (optional) 0 110 110
Total including banns certificate 193 506 699
Total excluding banns certificate 193 493 686
Total for blessing 193 465 658

Please note that cheques should be made payable to DSW PCC.