Weddings in the Beacon Churches


What do Christians believe about Marriage?

The Bible teaches us that marriage is a gift from God, and that husband and wife give themselves to each other in love, throughout their lives. Marriage is given that husband and wife may comfort and help each other, living faithfully together, in need and plenty, sorrow and joy. It is given that, with delight and tenderness, they may know each other in love, and through the joy of their bodily union, may strengthen the union of their hearts and lives.

It is given that they may have children, and be blessed in caring for them and bring them up as followers of Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus was a guest at the wedding at Cana, so he is here with us at weddings today.

In marriage, husband and wife belong to one another, as they begin a new life together in the community. It is a way of life that all should honour, to celebrate with the Bride and Groom but also to show support and respect for their union.

Booking a wedding

If you would like to book your wedding in one of the Beacon Churches, please contact the parish office via admin@beaconparishes.org.

Further information is available by going to Wedding Information.